The New Patient Packet below contains all the necessary information we need to start you on the process toward living pain free and achieving wellness. Our Patient Education pages offer information about some of the conditions we treat, our treatment options and more.

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Please Fill Out and Print or Print and Complete Before Your First Visit:

Your First Visit

On your first visit to Dr. Eric Mitz at the Evansville Clinic chiropractic office, you will be greeted by our professional and friendly office staff. If you have not had the opportunity to fill out the New Patient Packet, you can do so in the comfort of our reception area. You will then meet one of Dr. Mitz’s assistants who will lead you to your private room where they will get some basic information about your medical history as well as the concerns that bring you to our office. [Note: Unlike many chiropractors in Evansville, every treatment you receive and every encounter with the doctor is in the comfort of your own private room and not in an open area surrounded by other patients receiving treatments. Our patients' privacy is greatly respected.] We examine and treat the majority of our patients in their clothing but sometimes we need to put you in shorts or a gown to do a proper examination or for x-rays.  If needed, these will of course be provided for you. Dress comfortably if you can (think yoga class) but if you are coming from work, no worries! Dr. Mitz will first and foremost listen — listen to you and try to understand what your specific concerns are. He will then do a thorough examination to identify the source of your pain or other problem(s). If X-rays are needed, no problem! We have a full X-ray facility staffed with certified Chiropractic Radiographic Technicians — again, another unique feature that sets us apart from any other Evansville chiropractic office. Since Dr. Mitz refuses to initiate a treatment plan until he is confident that an accurate diagnosis has been reached, other tests may be needed such as lab work, MRI or CAT scans, Osteoporosis testing, Bone Scans, etc. If you are in significant pain, we will do our best to get you relief on your first visit! Dr. Mitz will schedule additional time with you on your second visit to review any test results, explain your diagnosis, discuss the treatment plan and answer every question you may have. You are welcome and encouraged to bring a friend or family member to this (or any other) visit! Most patients with muscle and/or joint complaints will also be evaluated in our physical therapy department’s gym to isolate functional deficiencies which can be addressed with a home exercise program, or if needed a supervised stint of rehabilitation in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Will insurance cover my care?

Dr. Mitz is a preferred provider and in-network with virtually every insurance plan including Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Medicare and too many others to name. We will file and bill your insurance for you, and your benefits coverage will be verified and explained in detail by our staff. We also offer our cash paying patients the Clinic Health Card Program. The Clinic Health Card offers discounts and savings above other chiropractic offices’ traditional cash plans making our care affordable for everyone, especially those without insurance. No matter what the situation, we always work hard to make the care affordable for our patients, assisting the patient with the necessary paperwork to maximize their reimbursement from their insurance company. We have an amazing staff that helps with this each step of the way.