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Auto Accidents (MVA) and Chiropractic

Within Indiana in 2011, there were over 188,000 motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) resulting in injury or damage to property. [1]  As an auto-accident chiropractor in Evansville, IN., Dr. Eric Mitz sees a significant number of suffering MVA patients; wether referred … Continued

A Chiropractor can help my Tennis Elbow Pain?

Yes, Chiropractic helps with issues of every joint and muscle in the body! People are often surprised to learn that we work on other parts of the body than just the spine. While this is no surprise to Evansville chiropractor … Continued

The Most Important Vitamin D Research of 2012

To say I am a vocal supporter of Vitamin D therapy would be an understatement. I have previously posted articles about my vitamin D dosage recommendations, as well as a review of the government’s Vitamin D recommendations. This article, reprinted with … Continued

Vitamin D and Calcium: Why the government panel is dead wrong

I’ve had several patients ask for my opinion on the recent US government report on Vitamin D and Calcium supplementation.  I understand why this issue is so confusing for so many of my patients — heck, most docs are not … Continued

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

“How do I increase my vertical jump?” One of the more common requests from the athletes we work with is assistance with their vertical jump. Wether it be an athlete who wants to know how to jump higher in basketball … Continued

New Video Explains Chiropractic

Evansville chiropractor Eric Mitz, DC encourages you to view this video, especially if you are considering seeing a chiropractor for the first time. It does a nice job of presenting what generally occurs in a chiropractor’s office.

Piceatannol — The Answer to the Obesity Epidemic?

Forgive the hyperbole of the title, but this compound is truly one of the most realistic hopes we have, outside of diet/exercise, of exogenously treating obesity — and it is a naturally occurring compound. Piceatannol is a compound similar in structure to, … Continued

WHEN you eat may be more important than WHAT you eat

If you are of a certain age then you most assuredly recall either your grandparents or parents starting off most days with a ham/bacon/egg breakfast loaded with saturated fats, triglycerides and cholesterol. Since the federal government (via the USDA and … Continued