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A Chiropractor can help my Tennis Elbow Pain?

Yes, Chiropractic helps with issues of every joint and muscle in the body! People are often surprised to learn that we work on other parts of the body than just the spine. While this is no surprise to Evansville chiropractor … Continued

Try the Hamilton Clinic in Evansville Indiana

Have you ever tried homeopathic medicine? Homeopathic methods include: Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy, Massage, and Acupuncture. The Hamilton Clinic in Evansville Indiana takes a completely holistic approach to healing. They offer methods of eliminating your ailment at the source and … Continued

Dr. Eric Mitz- Evansville Chiropractor

Dr. Eric Mitz with the Hamilton Clinic is your trusted¬†Evansville Chiropractor. He is the best chiropractor in Evansville. After Dr. Eric Mitz’s first day at the Hamilton Clinic, he knew this was the career path for him! He has a … Continued