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Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy

What are “Trigger Points” Anyway? Trigger points, also known as trigger sites or muscle knots, are described as “hyper-irritable spots in skeletal muscle that are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers.” (1) Evansville chiropractor and acupuncturist Dr. … Continued

Why Your Medical Doctor Referred You to Dr. Mitz

Many people who seek help from their medical providers for back pain, headaches, neck pain and other conditions are surprised when they are referred to Evansville chiropractor Dr. Eric Mitz. Those startled patients are often operating with the misconception that … Continued

Ideal Ergonomic Desk and Office Chair Setup

Most people give very little thought to how their workspace is setup, either at home or at work. Many of us have ergonomic office chairs and have no clue how to properly use all those levers and dials. I’ve put … Continued

A Chiropractor can help my Tennis Elbow Pain?

Yes, Chiropractic helps with issues of every joint and muscle in the body! People are often surprised to learn that we work on other parts of the body than just the spine. While this is no surprise to Evansville chiropractor … Continued

Begin healing with the Hamilton Clinic in Evansville Indiana

Are you looking for a homeopathic clinic? The Hamilton Clinic in Evansville Indiana takes a completely holistic approach to healing. They offer Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy, Massage, and Acupuncture. Instead of offering surgery or pharmaceuticals they offer methods of eliminating … Continued

A recommendation for a Chiropractor in Evansville Indiana

Has someone recommended you to a professional and experienced chiropractor yet? Chiropractic care can offer you relief from chronic pain and can even be a safe and effective alternative to surgery. Dr. Eric Mitz, a Chiropractor in Evansville Indiana, has … Continued