Weight Loss

If you could communicate with your body, what would it say?

Evansville chiropractor Eric Mitz, DC is proud to be the region’s only provider of the Zyto biocommunication survey. Dr. Mitz was first introduced to this technology at the NFL Scouting Combine in 2010 where it was used to assess overall … Continued

Vitamin D and Calcium: Why the government panel is dead wrong

I’ve had several patients ask for my opinion on the recent US government report on Vitamin D and Calcium supplementation.  I understand why this issue is so confusing for so many of my patients — heck, most docs are not … Continued

Piceatannol — The Answer to the Obesity Epidemic?

Forgive the hyperbole of the title, but this compound is truly one of the most realistic hopes we have, outside of diet/exercise, of exogenously treating obesity — and it is a naturally occurring compound. Piceatannol is a compound similar in structure to, … Continued

WHEN you eat may be more important than WHAT you eat

If you are of a certain age then you most assuredly recall either your grandparents or parents starting off most days with a ham/bacon/egg breakfast loaded with saturated fats, triglycerides and cholesterol. Since the federal government (via the USDA and … Continued

Vitamin D – Dosage Recommendations and Clinical Applications

Since I began routinely testing patients’ serum Vitamin D levels, I have literally not had one patient whose levels could be considered in the ideal range. I was questioning my internist about his experiences in his patient population and he … Continued