Chiropractor Dr. Mitz is proud to be a part of the Hamilton Clinic of Evansville, Indiana. Eric has served the clinic with excellent chiropractic care and has built up a reputation for his sensitive care to a variety of patients with needs relating to pregnancy, sports medicine, back pain, neck pain, and more. Dr. Mitz and his dedicated team welcome you to the Hamilton Clinic and are excited to meet you. Schedule your appointment today to start living pain free!

Mission and Focus of the Practice

Mission Statement of the Hamilton Clinic:

To improve the health of our community by bringing together alternative and traditional specialties with one common goal: To go beyond ordinary care in treating the cause of our patient’s problems – not just their symptoms.


1. To treat our patients as we would like our families to be treated
2. Provide care that is far in excess of the standard at a reasonable fee
3. Remain at the forefront of our respective specialites
4. Help each patient live life at their optimum health potential